Dear Patient, akos

We all remember of unpleasant experiences of dental treatments from our childhood, I neither like remembering of these memories myself. Fortunately, dentistry has greatly developed since then, interventions have become significantly less painful or absolutely analgetic. I intend to minimize the potential inconvenience therefore I use high-technology devices in my practice.

I know that patients arrive stressed to the dentistry and it is not only because of the fear from pain but also of the lack of information that causes a serious problem for them. Nobody likes to feel defenceless, nobody likes the feeling that he is not fully aware of how the dental treatment exactly works. That is why I prefer talking with the patients in peaceful circumstances before the intervention and telling them about the exact process of the coming treatment. And that is why we have created the “Dental Guide” menu on our website. Patients can be informed about the forthcoming dental intervention at home, thus they have the opportunity to ask me about further information regarding the treatment if necessary; and I do my best to answer them thoroughly.

Technology develops permanently in all fields of life – just like in dentistry. I keep developing my professional knowledge so that I will be able to provide my patients the highest quality in technology and in professional knowledge as well.

Dr. Sárosi Ákos MDM orthodonist and oral surgeon

  • 1998 University of Debrecen, Faculty of Medicine –Degree of Dentistry
  • 1998-2004 Semmelweis University, Department in Community Dentistry, Budapest
  • 2000 Oral Health and Dental Specialist, Nobel Biocare Training for Dental Implants, Budapest
  • 2001 Private Praxis, Budapest
  • Laser Therapy Training, Budapest
  • 2005 Reconstructive Surgery in Dental Implant Prosthetics, Loma Linda University
  • Nobel Biocare Training for Dental Implants, Budapest
  • 2006 Conservative and Prosthetic Dentistry Exams, Budapest
  • 2007 Oral and Dentoalveolar Surgery Exams, Budapest