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Implantation is the latest technology in rehabilitation of tooth loss. Crowns and brides, that are fixed onto implants, are able to replace the functions of the original teeth, besides, they look absolutely like real teeth. In case of preparing an implant-based prosthesis, there is no need to dissect the neighbouring healthy teeth. Implants (artificial roots) are placed into the jawbone where the original teeth were located. The rate of successful operations is 98%. Implants are made of titanium; their size and shape are similar to the original roots. The ossification with the bone takes three months after the operation, and that is when they can be used properly. However, in some cases the implants can be used perfectly for chewing right after the invention. Thanks to the development of implantation surgery techniques the implants can be placed into the jawbone right after the extraction of the teeth. The lifespan of these artificial roots is extremely long; they can even last for a whole life if the patient maintains a proper oral hygiene. An implantation operation can be executed only if there is sufficient healthy bone amount in the surgical area. Before the intervention the permanent teeth need to be restored. However, implantation is not recommended in cases such as massive smoking, neglected diabetes, bone atrophy under medication or not proper oral hygiene.

The implants used in our dental practice are the highest quality possible.


Established in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. is a global leader in the development and production of advanced products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify dental implantology. Through our state-of-the-art production facilities, MIS offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge dental implants, superstructures, tools and kits, as well as extensive solutions for oral restoration and health.


SIC invent AG is a young, innovative and dynamic company. As a globally active manufacturer of dental implant systems, we work in close collaboration with the Schilli Implantology Circle in the research and development of implant systems.


Our strategy is titled “Designing for Life” to reflect our mission of improving the quality of life of each patient treated and to provide our innovation program with the ambition to design products of such a superior quality they are capable of lasting for the lifetime of the patient.